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156 You Can't Escape The Industrial Internet of Things

Yes, there is a business case for the Industrial Internet of Things and Gary shares tips for success. Drawing examples from PTC, Dell Technologies, and Emerson Automation.

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What if beyond predictive maintenance we began considering predictive manufacturing? Or is that what Industrie 4.0 is all about? Gary ponders the latest industrial software.

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After attending PI North America annual general meeting, Gary discusses future of Profinet, Fieldbuses and Interoperability, and a teaser about a Wonderware announcement.

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Gary Mintchell discusses the 2016 Ignition Customer Conference from Inductive Automation--and the pseudo competition between OPC UA and MQTT/Sparkplug. Mostly it's all about getting the right information into your Industrial Software (HMI/SCADA) application.

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152 OPC, REST, Interoperability, and Gotchas to Beware

Following up on his popular podcast on "Why Big Companies Hate OPC UA Embedded", Gary reviews his recent writing on OPC UA, REST, MQTT and Sparkplug relative to needed interoperability. He focuses on watching how companies implement REST and MQTT--whether they are using an open transport to move proprietary data types, or whether they are truly embracing what end users want-true interoperability.

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151 Working Deeply

My 151st podcast dives into "Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World" by Cal Newport.

Newport differentiates the work that will lead you to success (deep work--thinking) from that work that just fills time (shallow work--answering email, reading Facebook, etc.).

He provides tips on organizing your day to emphasize setting aside blocks of time for deep work.

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150 -  The Power of the Other

Gary reviews Dr. Henry Cloud's new book, "The Power of the Other" how our connections and relationships can hurt or enhance us.

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149 Why Do Large Companies Dislike Embedded OPC UA?

OK, it's a provocative title, but the recent ODVA announcement at the Hannover Messe of the OPC UA-like CIP for the Cloud triggered some thoughts. Is it the traditional dance of company trying to lock in customers versus customers trying to maintain some flexibility--or--is OPC UA really a threat to CIP? (No one I talked to at Hannover thought the latter was true.)

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148 - Digital Manufacturing Hannover Preview

Gary introduces Digital Manufacturing, previews the 2016 Hannover Fair, and speculates on Rockwell Automation and Digital Manufacturing.

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147-Productivity and Health

Gary discusses why people seem to keep dropping the ball along with a solution. He also looks behind the news that few people follow a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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