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Technology, people, process, strategy.

Apr 17, 2021

I first heard about the world's largest manufacturing trade show, Hannover Messe, in the mid-80s when our group of VPs of a small automation company conspired to find ways for me to send the president out on meaningless sales calls. I sent him to Hannover in 1986. I have attended many times over the past 20 years. I recorded this podcast April 17 the Saturday following the 2021 digital edition of the event. Festo held the first press conference I attended flooding me with information among which were the bionic swift and its vast education initiatives. Schneider Electric talked about its Automation Expert, the answer to OPAF's quest for separating hardware and software in control. The rest of my week was primarily software as companies talked about the impact of unstructured data from IoT on industrial software.